Moving to Ireland

If you are moving to  Ireland we provide a complete door to door service.  We have a vast network of reliable and professional agents across the globe to provide you with a first rate origin service on your international removal to Ireland.

Irish customs paperwork for a transfer of residence is one of the more detailed you will come across.  We will be able to take you through each step and ensure the TOR form and supporting documents are all correct before it is submitted to customs.

Deliveries to rural Ireland can often require a shuttle vehicle from container to residence due to access restrictions such as narrow roads and gates.  We will prepare for this well in advance so there are no surprises or delays on the day of delivery.

When shipping a vehicle you will need to fill out a Customs Form 1076.  You will also need purchase invoice, original vehicle logbook  and a copy of insurance over 6 months old.

If you need to bring back a pet you will need to obtain an import licence from the Department of Agriculture or else have a Pet Passport issued under the regulations of the European Parliament.

We offer a wide range of international moving services to Ireland.  If you need an express airfreight, a shipment of unaccompanied baggage, a medium sized shared container load  or an entire container of you and your family’s belongings, we can assist you in this life changing move from start to finish.

Steps to moving to Ireland

  • Contact Prolink for a survey and quotation from one of our local agents
  • Let our dedicated move coordinator walk you through the customs paperwork procedure
  • Choose a date for our moving crew to export pack and load your belongings for transit
  • Receive goods from Prolink in Ireland with full unpacking service and removal of debris
  • Start your new life in Ireland

Some of our popular destinations include:

Dublin, Cork, Galway , Limerick, Sligo, Belfast, Waterford , Kilkenny , Wexford

Documents required:

Original Irish Customs Form 1076 + TOR1. 

Legible inventory in English with same signature of shipper as on Form 1076. 

Proof of residence abroad. 

4 or 5 of the following dated OVER 12 months old – utility bills / credit card statements / bank statements 

1 of the above dated within 6 months of your move

Proof of sale of residence abroad or copy of rental / lease agreement

Proof of employment abroad.  Proof of residence in Ireland. 

Proof you have entered into a purchase agreement or copy of rental / lease agreement. 

Proof of employment in Ireland.


Contact us today for a free quote on all your removal needs

Contact us today for a free quote on all your removal needs