Preparation is key on any move but especially on an office move. Devising an office removal checklist will ensure a very successful and hassle free move.

How to pack your office belongings quickly and securely

There will be rules that need to be followed, like when is the move date? What is coming and what is going to the bin? What to do with unwanted furniture and how to dispose of unwanted documents?

Simple and practical items can save your office move are- Bubble wrap, packing tape, sticky labels and coloured markers!

Packing the Filing Cabinet

This is the first place to pack- as it will require the most time and holds the documents of your business and your clients.

Before packing a thorough go through is advisable- see if anything can be shredded, then recycled or can be moved to digital file.

Always take direction from the office manager and your employer as to how the files should be packed before beginning this process.

Top Tip:

Files/folders that are being moved in order (alphabetically, numerically, depending on how they’re arranged) in file specific boxes. Ensure the box fits the files so there will be no movement within the box throughout the moving process.

How to pack your Desk

Knowing the size of your new office space will determine what stays and what goes on the office desk pack up. Stationary needs to be packed in accordance to what you will need so sort through the paperclips, notepads and other supplies. The key is to only take with you what you need.

Top Tip:

Always mark the box with your name, its contents and if the packed box needs special handling. As it’s a business there may be confidential information inside so mark also on the box.  Remember to always note on the exterior its contents- this will save on unpacking time at the new office location.

Furniture and heavy items will be moved by the moving professionals but ensure that you have removed all materials from drawers before the move so they make it to the new location!

Moving IT:

This area is more specialised and might require an IT expert to pack expensive computer and telephone equipment to avoid damage. Some electrical equipment may require to be packed in anti-static packing materials.

Think about where your office is moving to, wall space, desk size and overall office space- it may be bigger or smaller than your existing space and this will determine how much of the existing office furniture can come to the new office space.