Preparation is key on any move but especially on an office move. Devising an office removal checklist will ensure a very successful and hassle free move.

How to pack your office belongings quickly and securely

There will be rules that need to be followed, like when is the move date? What is coming and what is going to the bin? What to do with unwanted furniture and how to dispose of unwanted documents?

Simple and practical items can save your office move are- Bubble wrap, packing tape, sticky labels and coloured markers!

Packing the Filing Cabinet

This is the first place to pack- as it will require the most time and holds the documents of your business and your clients.

Before packing a thorough go through is advisable- see if anything can be shredded, then recycled or can be moved to digital file.

Always take direction from the office manager and your employer as to how the files should be packed before beginning this process.

Top Tip:

Files/folders that are being moved in order (alphabetically, numerically, depending on how they’re arranged) in file specific boxes. Ensure the box fits the files so there will be no movement within the box throughout the moving process.

How to pack your Desk

Knowing the size of your new office space will determine what stays and what goes on the office desk pack up. Stationary needs to be packed in accordance to what you will need so sort through the paperclips, notepads and other supplies. The key is to only take with you what you need.

Top Tip:

Always mark the box with your name, its contents and if the packed box needs special handling. As it’s a business there may be confidential information inside so mark also on the box.  Remember to always note on the exterior its contents- this will save on unpacking time at the new office location.

Furniture and heavy items will be moved by the moving professionals but ensure that you have removed all materials from drawers before the move so they make it to the new location!

Moving IT:

This area is more specialised and might require an IT expert to pack expensive computer and telephone equipment to avoid damage. Some electrical equipment may require to be packed in anti-static packing materials.

Think about where your office is moving to, wall space, desk size and overall office space- it may be bigger or smaller than your existing space and this will determine how much of the existing office furniture can come to the new office space.


Here is a look at Prolinks top tips on how to pack a box

It might seem like a simple task and it is if you get it right, but if you want to pack properly so your move is seamless, then read on for our top tips on just how to pack that box.

Remember when a box is packed correctly, it will protect all of the items that it contains to ensure that no valuables are broken or damaged in transit.

So here is how you pack a box

The Box itself- use new, durable corrugated box when packing moving boxes. The box has to support the contents that it contains.
Packing Tip: Time is everything – so take your packing up in stages- pace yourself it’s a marathon not a sprint- take your time and organise your boxes and packing so that you will have a seamless move.

The Box

  • Reinforce the bottom of the box with strong tape.
  • Light on top heavy on the bottom- So all heavy items to the bottom of the box and remember DON’T OVER PACK ANY BOX
  • No empty spaces- fill with cloth or fabrics so your items won’t shift in transit
  • It is important to pack cleverly, so don’t over pack, don’t place too many heavy items in the one box and remember when you pack to pack with your own unpack in mind.
  • We will only move boxes which are packed in durable boxes, that are sealed and that are taped and labelled. This makes the moving process simple and best of all stress free.
  • Having good quality boxes, packing smart so that boxes are not too heavy and are labelled will save you hours on the un pack.

Prolinks Top Packing Tips

  • Be organised
  • Clothing can be kept in dresser drawers and transported separately
  • Small/loose items could be packed in resalable plastic bags and then organised into a larger box
  • Choose heavy duty plastic bags if packing in bags- less chance of rips
  • Always write exactly what room and what is in the box- the more detail the better
  • The better the pack the easier the un pack!


How to take the stress out of your big move!

Moving house can be incredibly stressful. However it doesn’t need to be. Prolink moves hundreds of people each week; we know what works, what saves time and how to take the unnecessary stress out of moving your home.

We utilize a project management approach and offer a bespoke service. We carefully assess your relocation needs and requirements and develop a realistic packing and transit schedule to ensure a ‘smooth move’.

Prolink’s Top Tips for packing up your house:

The Pre pack- Always De-Clutter, Itemise and Over-estimate on boxes

Always pack by room – This makes unpacking so much easier.

Label all boxes – Then when you are at your new home when you unpack your van, you can immediately put every box in the room that it should be.

The Admin– Make sure anything/documents important is safe, like passports, birth certs etc keep together so when unpacking you have to hand and ready to file in your new safe place!

Weighty Issue – Always make sure your box can carry its weight.  If it can’t then get another box. Any heavy items should be packed separately but if items are very heavy or big then perhaps they don’t require a box at all.

Fragile Goods – They should be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and shouldn’t have any room for movement in the box.

Now for the unpack

Supplies – Make sure you have all your must haves to hand- tea, milk the kettle for the hours of unpacking that lies ahead!

Room by Room – Unpack one room at a time rather than trying to tackle the whole house at once.

Recycle – Love the environment and recycle your boxes.

Delegate – When your items arrive, have one person directing the movers as to where each item of furniture goes. Don’t go unpacking boxes straight away as this can get in the way of the movers. Wait until they have finished in a particular room and then you can make a start on that room.

Final Inspection -Take a look once the movers have finished unloading, once you are satisfied you can sign the necessary paperwork and sent us on our way.

Now simply Unpack and Put Away!