Moving Tips – How to pack a box?

October 10, 2016 Blog

Here is a look at Prolinks top tips on how to pack a box

It might seem like a simple task and it is if you get it right, but if you want to pack properly so your move is seamless, then read on for our top tips on just how to pack that box.

Remember when a box is packed correctly, it will protect all of the items that it contains to ensure that no valuables are broken or damaged in transit.

So here is how you pack a box

The Box itself- use new, durable corrugated box when packing moving boxes. The box has to support the contents that it contains.
Packing Tip: Time is everything – so take your packing up in stages- pace yourself it’s a marathon not a sprint- take your time and organise your boxes and packing so that you will have a seamless move.

The Box

  • Reinforce the bottom of the box with strong tape.
  • Light on top heavy on the bottom- So all heavy items to the bottom of the box and remember DON’T OVER PACK ANY BOX
  • No empty spaces- fill with cloth or fabrics so your items won’t shift in transit
  • It is important to pack cleverly, so don’t over pack, don’t place too many heavy items in the one box and remember when you pack to pack with your own unpack in mind.
  • We will only move boxes which are packed in durable boxes, that are sealed and that are taped and labelled. This makes the moving process simple and best of all stress free.
  • Having good quality boxes, packing smart so that boxes are not too heavy and are labelled will save you hours on the un pack.

Prolinks Top Packing Tips

  • Be organised
  • Clothing can be kept in dresser drawers and transported separately
  • Small/loose items could be packed in resalable plastic bags and then organised into a larger box
  • Choose heavy duty plastic bags if packing in bags- less chance of rips
  • Always write exactly what room and what is in the box- the more detail the better
  • The better the pack the easier the un pack!