Moving down under? the ultimate foreign relocation checklist and the services available

September 26, 2017 Uncategorized

From Galway to Dublin, Donegal to Cork, thousands of Irish people each year make the decision to start a life down under in Australia. Australia offers a wide array of jobs in a vast array of sectors, from natural resource mining and construction, to IT and banking; there’s something for everyone.

For those thinking about, or already planning a move to Australia there are many things to take into consideration; the following is a list of crucial areas that every potential emigrant from Ireland should have covered before they arrive in Australia and also some tips on how to make your move as seamless as possible.


  1. Prepare your legal documents.

We cannot overstate the importance of this; along with your passport you will need to bring other documents which will include birth certificates, college transcripts, proof of work permits and visa receipt, marriage licence if applicable, and drivers licence if you intent on driving. Remember to make duplicates of these and store them separately.


  1. International shipping and moving companies.

This is another aspect that we advise organising well in advance of your departure, moving your whole life to the other side of the world is not something you want to leave until a month before you leave, however with the right preparation you can have this taken care of in advance and it will be one less thing you have to worry about before leaving. Many shipping companies today can provide temperature controlled storage for your belongings when they arrive in Australia, which will keep your furniture etc in outstanding working condition for when you and your family arrive.

At Prolink we offer a complete removal service that covers everything from unload and unpack at your destination, to  packing and unpacking, export wrapping , dis-assembly of furniture and even customs brokerage. Remember that it is imperative to employ a company that have existing working relationships with international agents. If you are going to Australia for an unknown period of time, make sure to also get any property that you are leaving in Ireland in order, there is a plethora of storage options available in this country so find the one that suits your needs best.


  1. Research immigration regulations and laws.

We live in a constantly changing world and for this reason immigration rules have a tendency to change regularly, this can be for a number of reasons, security and economic changes can have some of  the biggest affects on immigration rules. Also remember that there are vast differences in the regulations for immigrants who are coming into Australia as ‘skilled’ ‘unskilled’ or ‘retiree’s’, in most cases your assets may be subject to scrutiny.


  1. Inform yourself about your planned destination.

Between friends and family who may have been to your planned destination previously and the internet, you can find vast information on any destination on the planet. Expat websites are always a great resource as well as traveller blogs and social media pages. Check out sites such as


Websites like these can not only offer you great insight into life in a certain territory or city, but also help you meet current expats before you even arrive.


  1. Insurance.

There are many different kinds of insurance that you will need to think about before you depart for Australia, research these in detail and well in advance of departure. The most important areas that you need to take into account when it comes to insurance are:

  • Insuring your property when shipping internationally: Finalise your transit and destination coverage.
  • Health insurance: Australia has strict guidelines when it comes to your personal healthcare needs and insurance, information of which can be found here
  • Vehicle Insurance: If you intend on operating a vehicle in Australia, make sure that you have an up to date full Irish driving licence as it can be difficult to complete your lessons and test down under if you are not citizen of Australia; also look around and get some quotes from different insurance companies so that you have an idea of what it will cost you to operate the vehicle of your choosing when you arrive.


  1. Banking

A vital aspect of your transition to a life in Australia must include good financial planning. Internet banking is a great way of monitoring and transferring funds around the world but we would suggest setting up an Aussie bank account as soon as you arrive or even prior to departure if possible. We would also advise setting up a prepaid ‘top up’ style card. Companies like O2 provide services such as the ‘O2 money card’ which can be topped up online and used wherever you see the ‘Visa’ sign. Options like this are always great to have as a payment alternative in a new country.



These are the most important areas that you should focus on prior to your move, there are many checklists that you can find online that you can use as additions to this guide and will hopefully make your move as easy and stress free as possible; for more information on the moving packages that we provide at Prolink please contact us at:

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Also be sure to stayed tuned to our blog for regular national and international moving tips and info.